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General Info

Area code 206 is in Washington (WA). Popular cities using area code 206 are Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, see full list here

The timezone within area code 206 is (America/Los_Angeles). The current time is 09:55:40

Popular zip codes include 98052(Redmond), 98115(Seattle), 98103(Seattle), see full list here

Served Area

Area code 206 is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and is located in the state of Washington.

It serves as the prefix for phone numbers located in the Seattle and Tacoma metropolitan areas. The 206 area code was first introduced in 1947 and since then it has been split several times due to the rapid growth of the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

Despite the number of splits, it is still one of the most recognizable area codes in the United States. Not only is the 206 area code found on Seattle-Tacoma phone numbers, but it's also often seen in local businesses, such as the Seattle Sounders, Seattle Mariners, and Tacoma Rainiers. Area code 206 is also associated with the city's tech industry, as it is home to many tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, area code 206 is a great way to show your pride for the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

Area code 206 Map

Here is the full area code map for state Washington

Seattle business phone number

When you call customers in Seattle, you know they're local because of the area code — 206. It's the area code for Seattle and the Puget Sound region, so you know that when you call a 206 phone number you're getting a local customer.

That makes it easy to personalize your message and create that special connection that comes from doing business in the same area. It also makes it easy to build relationships with local customers and vendors, which can help you get the best deals and build your business.

Seattle also has a vibrant and diverse economy, making it a great place to start or grow a business. From tech startups to local craft breweries, there's something for everyone in this thriving city.

So don't hesitate — if you're looking for a great place to do business, look no further than Seattle!

Popular Cities

City Name State Population Percent of area code in city Percent of city in area code
Seattle Washington 608660 37 100
Shoreline Washington 53007 3 100
Edmonds Washington 39709 0 5
Burien Washington 33313 3 100
Des Moines Washington 29673 1 76
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Popular Zip Codes

Zip Code Primary City County State Timezone Population Housing Count
98052 Redmond King County Washington America/Los_Angeles 58442 25674
98115 Seattle King County Washington America/Los_Angeles 46206 21623
98103 Seattle King County Washington America/Los_Angeles 45911 24128
98133 Seattle King County Washington America/Los_Angeles 44555 21903
98105 Seattle King County Washington America/Los_Angeles 43924 17161
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