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General Info

Area code 484 is in Pennsylvania (PA). Popular cities using area code 484 are Allentown, Reading, Bethlehem, see full list here

The timezone within area code 484 is (America/New_York). The current time is 22:46:44

Popular zip codes include 19446(Lansdale), 19382(West Chester), 19320(Coatesville), see full list here

Area code 484 Map

Here is the full area code map for state Pennsylvania


Popular Cities

City Name State Population Percent of area code in city Percent of city in area code
Allentown Pennsylvania 118032 1 100
Reading Pennsylvania 88082 0 100
Bethlehem Pennsylvania 74982 1 100
Norristown Pennsylvania 34324 0 100
Chester Pennsylvania 33972 0 100
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Popular Zip Codes

Zip Code Primary City County State Timezone Population Housing Count
19446 Lansdale Montgomery County Pennsylvania America/New_York 55138 23035
19382 West Chester Chester County Pennsylvania America/New_York 52388 20015
19320 Coatesville Chester County Pennsylvania America/New_York 52342 20279
18102 Allentown Lehigh County Pennsylvania America/New_York 49779 18434
19380 West Chester Chester County Pennsylvania America/New_York 49534 20728
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