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General Info

Area code 504 is in Louisiana (LA). Popular cities using area code 504 are New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, see full list here

The timezone within area code 504 is (America/Chicago). The current time is 20:22:10

Popular zip codes include 70065(Kenner), 70003(Metairie), 70056(Gretna), see full list here

Area code 504 Map

Here is the full area code map for state Louisiana


Popular Cities

City Name State Population Percent of area code in city Percent of city in area code
New Orleans Louisiana 343829 9 100
Metairie Louisiana 138481 1 100
Kenner Louisiana 66702 0 100
Marrero Louisiana 33141 0 100
Terrytown Louisiana 23319 0 100
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Popular Zip Codes

Zip Code Primary City County State Timezone Population Housing Count
70065 Kenner Jefferson Parish Louisiana America/Chicago 51116 21784
70003 Metairie Jefferson Parish Louisiana America/Chicago 40150 17005
70056 Gretna Jefferson Parish Louisiana America/Chicago 39082 15224
70001 Metairie Jefferson Parish Louisiana America/Chicago 37996 19261
70119 New Orleans Orleans Parish Louisiana America/Chicago 36228 20543
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