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General Info

Area code 713 is in Texas (TX). Popular cities using area code 713 are Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, see full list here

The timezone within area code 713 is (America/Chicago). The current time is 11:40:43

Popular zip codes include 77479(Sugar Land), 77036(Houston), 77573(League City), see full list here

Area code 713 Map

Here is the full area code map for state Texas


Popular Cities

City Name State Population Percent of area code in city Percent of city in area code
Houston Texas 2099451 14 100
Pasadena Texas 149043 1 100
The Woodlands Texas 93847 1 81
Pearland Texas 91252 1 100
League City Texas 83560 1 100
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Popular Zip Codes

Zip Code Primary City County State Timezone Population Housing Count
77479 Sugar Land Fort Bend County Texas America/Chicago 74514 24980
77036 Houston Harris County Texas America/Chicago 71969 30117
77573 League City Galveston County Texas America/Chicago 71580 26951
77083 Houston Harris County Texas America/Chicago 70837 21719
77584 Pearland Brazoria County Texas America/Chicago 70228 25184
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