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General Info

Area code 727 is in Florida (FL). Popular cities using area code 727 are St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, see full list here

The timezone within area code 727 is (America/New_York). The current time is 21:31:11

Popular zip codes include 34668(Port Richey), 34655(New Port Richey), 33624(Tampa), see full list here

Area code 727 Map

Here is the full area code map for state Florida


Popular Cities

City Name State Population Percent of area code in city Percent of city in area code
St. Petersburg Florida 244769 15 100
Clearwater Florida 107685 4 100
Largo Florida 77648 2 100
Palm Harbor Florida 57439 3 100
Pinellas Park Florida 49079 2 100
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Popular Zip Codes

Zip Code Primary City County State Timezone Population Housing Count
34668 Port Richey Pasco County Florida America/New_York 42619 22670
34655 New Port Richey Pasco County Florida America/New_York 38464 17800
33624 Tampa Hillsborough County Florida America/New_York 37457 16210
34698 Dunedin Pinellas County Florida America/New_York 37240 22158
33710 Saint Petersburg Pinellas County Florida America/New_York 32780 15644
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